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Bartek has also a huge passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with other people.- both beginners and professionals. Bartek has taught many workshops, open classes and company classes in the UK, Japan, Denmark, Cyprus and a number of places in Poland.

Bartek's teaching experience consists of places like:

- Alternatywny Teatr Tanca LUZ (Poland)

- Formacja Tanca Nowoczesnego LUZ (Poland)

- Swindon Dance (UK)

- Navdhara Indian Dance Theatre (India)

- Dance Academy Cyprus (Cyprus)

- National Ballet School in Warsaw (Poland)

- Mashu Jazz Dance Station (Japan)

- Ballet School in Holstebro (Denmark)

- Dansk Talentakademi (Denmark)

- Warsaw Dance Department (Poland)

- Kornele Rzeszow (Poland)

- PAA Dance Studio (Poland)

- Soul Dance (Poland)

- Warsaw Ballet (Poland)

- Tanca Hulance (Poland)

- Free Art Fusion (Poland)

- Neoclassica Dance School (Poland)

- Studio Tanca Wspolczesnego Impact (Poland)

- Joy Dance (Poland)

- LUZ Summer Dance Workshops (Poland)

- BTB Dance Agency (Poland)

- Zawirowania Dance Theatre (Poland)

- Viva Cuba (Poland)

- Iskierka Łańcut (Poland)

- Sensdance Rzeszów (Poland)

- Spin Freekies (Poland)

- Egurolla Dance Studio (Poland)

- Teal Gdańsk (Poland)

- Yuldance (Poland)

- Black Code Dance Studio (Poland)

- House of Movement Workshops (Poland)

and many other dance places. 

For any teaching enquiries, please contact Bartek directly on

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