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Artist mission

Bartek believes that dance is the most honest way of expression. He specialises in contemporary dance, neoclassical dance and movement direction. Honesty, extreme physicality and unique ideas are just few of the many things that describe his work. Although each piece has the idiosyncrasies of Bartek, every creation starts from a blank page. Bartek meets the expectations of even the most demanding audience with honesty, versatility and strong messages in his works.


He has always had a need to create and dance happened to be the most natural way of expression for me. Like he says 'We learn how to speak, we learn how to write, we learn how to use symbols but we never learn how to express our joy, sadness, excitement or fear. This need for communication is inside each of us which is why I consider movement as the most honest way of expression that can convey even the most complicated emotions.' Although a creative process is extremely important to him, the audience's experience of the work is the most important part of the performance in his opinion.


He likes to think about choreography as a journey, that has a clear and passionate trajectory of reaching an end point that is interesting not only for us, but also for our potential audiences. Through vast experience in choreographing, he has developed his own unique approach to dance and its creating. He is fascinated in exploring different movement qualities, whilst pushing the physicality of the choreography to extreme places, in order to experience more and more of infinite possibilities of creating movement. His choreographic style is very often described as theatrical or even cinematic, even though it is mostly influenced by exploring the versatile and unlimited movement vocabulary of contemporary dance. His choreography's unique and recognizable style is a combination of its powerful physicality and attention to strong artistry, as both aspects are equally vital to his creative process. 

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