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Artist mission

Bartek’s interest in filmmaking started from a desire to capture the fleeting moment of dance. The art of performance exists only for that very short moment of the performers moving and it’s never the same. It’s a short impression that finishes immediately after the performers finish the show and the audience can only go back to it with their memories. This is why Bartek wanted to confront those two opposite but so connected art forms - dance and filmmaking and very quickly, he started to explore filmmaking also outside the area of dance.


A trigger that made him start exploring the art of filmmaking was his participation in many film productions as a dancer and choreographer such as So You Think You Can Dance 5 in Poland (as a dancer), Canadian TV series ‚The Next Step 3’ (as a dancer and actor), ‚On|Off’ a project made with creative agency The Doll for London Fashion Week 2015 (as a choreographer), a trailer of Izabela Borowska’s film ‚The Event’ and many others. Very quickly, he started being interested not only in working in film productions as a choreographer and movement director but also as a director, DP and editor. That interest resulted in many short films such as ‚Let’s talk about it.’, ‚Infinity’, ‚Some Moments in Limassol’ and a few documentary films and trailers as commission projects.

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