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Homesick | Sick Home
choreography Bartek Woszczynski
dancers Simone Donati, Aleksandra Krajewska, Francesca Merolla, Szymon Osiński, Urszula Woszczyńska
music ATMO (Giulio Donati & Simone Donati)
lighting design Artur Wytrykus
costume design Joanna Woszczyńska
length 65 minutes

What identifies a refugee? Is being a refugee a choice? Where is the line between being an immigrant and a refugee? Would any of us want to leave our home without a guarantee that we will find a second haven? And what if it turns out that at the end of a trip to a new home, is just the beginning of a journey towards being accepted? Where is the boundary between the lack of assimilation and the need to preserve the foundations of one's identity? Aggression is the cause or effect of being excluded? Are they excluded? Are we excluded? Who are ‚they’ and‚we’? Can someone be illegal?

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