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Watch a trailer of the production of B'cause Dance Company - Podróż | Journey

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choreographer, director, editor




I believe that dance is the most honest way of expression and this honesty is something that I always search for in my works. Choreographing for me is creating physical poems that reflect, question, expose and intrigue the audience. My aim is to blur the line between abstraction and story-telling in dance and create works that are very physical, unique and thought-provoking. 

Bartek Woszczynski

Photo by Jakub Nowak

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Zrealizowano w ramach Stypendium Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego
The performance was created as part of Scholarship of Minister of Culture and National Heritage

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choreographer, dancer


'Let's talk about it' - a new short film by Bartek Woszczynski won the



at InShadow Festival 2017 in

Lisbon, Portugal!!!

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Places of screenings:

- R.E.D. International Dance Film Festival in Eina, Norway, 2017

- Bestias Danzantes Festival de Cine de Danza in Santiago, Chile, 2017

- Quinzena de Danca de Almada in Almada, Portugal, 2017

- InShadow Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

- Inside|Outside in New Delhi, India, 2017

- Moving Body in Verna, Bulgaria, 2017

- LemoArt Gallery in Berlin, Germany, 2017

- Shadow in Motion in Lisbon, Portugal, 2018

- ViDEO SKiN in Yukon, Canada, 2018

- Dance Waves Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus, 2018

- RollOut, Macao, China, 2019

choreographer, director

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